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[Image: a woman holding up a sign reading, “Keep the kids; deport the racists.”]

No explanation needed.


[Image: a woman holding up a sign reading, “Keep the kids; deport the racists.”]


No explanation needed.



George Takei describes the moment when he and his family were sent to an internment camp.

A racist woman is not a feminist; she doesn’t care about helping women, just the women who look like her and can buy the same things she can.

A transphobic woman is not a feminist; she is overly concerned with policing the bodies and expressions of others.

A woman against reproductive rights — to use bell hook’s own example, and an issue close to your heart — is not a feminist; she prioritizes her dogma or her disgust over the bodies of others.

An ableist woman is not a feminist; she holds some Platonic ideal of what a physically or mentally “whole” person should be and tries to force the world to fit inside it.

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do u ever see the sun

Do you love the colors of the Sims?

I’ve ruined Pokemon games for myself. 

Let’s be honest unless you are a very good player and dedicate time training every pokemon you catch to be part of a specific team, the majority of us choose a party of six and that party doesn’t change much throughout the entire game - occasionally switching out members for newly caught legendaries.

All the other Pokemon you catch just go into a computer.

It’s not like you send them off to a mansion with big sprawling gardens for them to live and play in, they just momentarily cease to exist while stored as digital code inside a server.

And what happens when you release them?  Do they really go back to the wild or does the server just delete their digital version?  What happens when a trainer dies, do all the pokemon get released (possibly several years after their capture) or just deleted?

You are personally responsible for becoming more ethical than the society you grew up in.
Eliezer Yudkowsky

This is the most important thing.

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god bless sdcc

Assassin's Creed Unity: *no playable female Assassins*
Male gamers: This is just fine, so shut up! What's important isn't the character's gender, it's the story they are in! Who cares about the characters' genders? Stop trying to ruin other people's fun!
Hyrule Warriors: *10 playable characters, 8 of them are women*
Male gamers: WHAT THE HELL IS THIS?!?! There are too many girls in this game! What about us, the male fans? Why the female fans have more options? Women aren't interesting, if you don't include more men in the game then the story will become boring!